Adeona Technologies Private Limited was born while fighting mobility challenges on ground. Moving employees safely and in time every time is still a daunting challenge for a corporate in India. Ashutosh Chitnis saw the opportunity to bridge several gaps with use of technology and processes in 2011 while building a next generation business to business car rental services company.

ODOCON was born to help employee mobility.

Ashwini Deshpande was already fine tuning a lot of network related challenges to improvise on a GPS platform which was then shaping a next generation wave in India. She used her experience of helping global complex networks of the likes of AT&T and Baby Bells.

Ashutosh and Ashwini got together to lay the first base of ODOCON and its successful adoption by one of the largest corporate in India.

Over a period of time ODOCON evolved to a technology platform that can improve and optimize mobile and field based resources and cost while delivering on a far superior user experience using flexibility, scalability and elasticity as some of the key features. It grew to support various models like waste management and ground mobility services companies. Any organization with mobile resources like field forces, moving assets and mobile business models like supply chain, sales and distribution and insurance can optimize their investments, plans, infrastructure and businesses using ODOCON's Real Time platform. On this platform every stake holder is in sync.


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Adeona Technologies Launches ODOCON Ride

Mumbai News Network - September 26, 2016, New Delhi 

AdeonaTechnologies, a Mumbai-based firm, has launched a platform, which will provide multiple alternatives for those seeking transport/taxi services. Called ODOCON, this platform brings together several 'friendly neighborhood' car rental companies to create a multi-player option that commuters can choose from instead of relying on just one or two. In its first phase, the ODOCON User application is an option for commuters to get more CHOICE and THE solution to a whole lot of the woes associated with daily commute especially and including the new age aggregators.

ODOCON solves two main issues in one stroke- service availability at a reasonable price and without surge pricings and safety since the drivers are employed by the car rental companies, unlike the freelancers engaged by the new age aggregators ....