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Whether it's your need to commute, get an installation done, schedule a service or repair call directly with a company or even make sure your child reached his school safe and secure, ODOCON is like your personal robot that assists you with your livelihood, reminds you of necessities, schedules, helps you with cashless payments and makes sure all service provider organizations are listening into your concerns.

ODOCON Ride Personal brings you a great number of choices for your commute. Whether you're travelling to work or attending a cocktail or planning for a weekend trip with your family and friends there's a choice for all and from many different service providers. With innovative service offerings and competitive prices they want to offer you the best possible service.

ODOCON Serve is like your personal robot that takes care of everything you buy or subscribe to. It keeps track of and reminds you of your schedules and prerequisites as well and does a lot more to make your life easy and harmonious.

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