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Choice for your daily commute

BOOK – A – CAB brings you a great number of choices for your commute. Whether you're travelling to work, attending a cocktail or planning a weekend trip with your family and friends there's a choice for all and from many different service providers. With innovative service offerings and competitive prices the service providers want to give you the best possible service.


When was the last time you commuted hassle-free from one point to another using a taxi or an auto rickshaw? You don't remember. And if you are asked to list out the problems, the list will run long with new and unique problems being addedd almost every day. But the rhetoric is we have to travel whether it's for work or otherwise.

Cities all over the world are dealing with ground transport challenges since ages now. But supply continues to fail in meeting demand due to several reasons. As a result of which, in countries where law and order is not enforced, service providers end up taking unfair advantage of consumers. Demanding unfair prices, harassing helpless customers are just a few on top of the list.

A few years back a new breed of aggregators found means through technology to solve this real life problem once and for all. With successful technology and reach, they managed to increase supply in certain ways but only in a particular segment, leaving you with not much choice for a pre-booked cab. Monopoly in any manner will always lead to the same set of challenges. Imagine an air ticket App offering you just the price when you share your travel coordinates and date with them. Bottom line is you have to have choice.

Choice is exactly what BOOK - A - CAB brings to you when you need to commute. Instead of using a single service provider, now you log on to the ODOCON App to see many such operators offering you similar services and more. We are only turning the table. Instead of many people looking to get that one available vehicle, now it's many such vehicles and service providers trying to grab your attention. Are you feeling a lot better now? Do feel that way because you are the one who's paying for the services and you're priceless.

BOOK - A - CAB doesn't stop there. Managing ground realities is still a few miles away. Being a technology company we will take a long time to learn how to manage drivers - for example. They come from a distinctly different background than yours no matter how many checks you enforce for them to qualify. And let's face it - they will take a lot of time to adapt to the culture that your education and upbringing has offered you. The statement is they need to be managed. Question remains who will do it?

BOOK - A - CAB identifies the TRUSTED car rental companies in your neighborhood to be the best fit for this job. This is exactly what they had been doing since generations to earn their bread and butter while greeting you with that smile when they meet you at the local grocery. In the journey of technology we travelled in the last 15 years they missed out on keepng pace. That's where we at ODOCON bring them back to glory. We are sure you would also like to see your fellow countrymen shine with new skills, suits and jargon. As part of our social responsibility we will be training and grooming the next generation of these Small and Medium Business owners.

BOOK - A - CAB is a singular distribution platform where:

  • A Car rental company gets to manage and enhance their existing business – Gets a platform to promote their Brand and Platform on a Global stage – IN effect grow their business
  • A retail user gets more choice which is More Reliable and Safer than the current choices
  • An institutional user can manage their travel program without compromising on existing relationships and achieving organizational goals


Choice of services

Whether you're heading for work through traffic or a cocktail party after work or even planning a weekend trip with your loved ones now you have a choice for your commute. From a hatchback to an SUV to a Mini Van to a Bus whatever the occasion suits, are all at your fingertips now. You can now stop worrying about commuting hassles and start enjoying the trips while either chatting with a colleague or your spouse or a friend.

Choice of packages

Life should be full of thrills and excitement. You work very hard to earn them. So here's the dash of pepper on your pizza. You can now enjoy exciting packages that makes the travel even more interesting. All the service providers are now out to woo you with their innovation in services and prices.

Choice of service providers

Instead of relying on just a couple, now you can see scores of service providers all waiting for that one click from you. Competition in the right spirit is always healthy. It helps service providers continuously brainstorm to understand you and your specific needs and preferences. Based on your use and preferences they keep coming back with innovative service offerings at competitive prices.

Also get an option to choose and access your preferred rates and services of your empanelled service providers.

Pre-book or book now

Whether you need to quickly get on the road for a meeting or plan a week ahead since you'll be taking your family along, the options are endless.


our use of services along with your preferences helps us a great deal in knowing you better. We do our best to use such trends without invading your privacy at any cost, to tailor services for you. As an example, history can help predict that you might need to hire a cab from your office location at 6 PM where two thousand more such office commuters might also need the same. With such knowledge, availability can be decided and now you're not stranded because there are no cabs available.

Status and tracking

When you have booked a service or used one, the real time status and tracking is available for your use. You may decide to change a decision or just know the status. All of those can be done using this feature.


Your profile helps you avoid repeated logins as long as you are using your personal device to use the services.


Freedom from carrying cash gives that extra edge of safety when you're commuting or travelling. Once you book a service you need not worry about anything at all. We suggest spending more time with your colleague discussing a meeting agenda or have a great laugh with a friend while heading for a party or just enjoy the scenic beauty while going on a weekend trip.

Ride - Employee Transportation

ODOCON ETM is a transportation service management hub embedded with GPS technologies

For companies offering pick-up and drop services to their employees. The NOW factor is embedded in business processes as well as offering a real-time control over emergencies and management. It hardly helps when you realize the errors late.

ODOCON considers the ground realities of managing transportation given the unorganized nature of service providers running the show with a mix of environments and challenges. The platform takes care of different possible ground realities and graduates you to a smooth migration to the most ideal state of Real Time. The flexibility in the model stands as the true differentiator for ODOCON ETM.

A company manages the following using Ride ETS

  • Scheduling
  • Rostering
  • Allocation
  • Dispatch
  • Authentication
  • Communication
  • Safety and Security
  • Billing
  • Reporting