ODOCON - Serve

Applicable Industries:

  • Electronics and Home Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Insurance
  • Banks & Financial Institutes
  • Automobiles and Auto ancillaries
  • Electrical and Electro-mechanical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy & Utilities

All of the above are an integral part of our lives. From home appliances to office electronics to industrial electronics they are all complex and need care both from users and specialized service engineers.

Looking at a customer journey, more than eighty percent of it is covered by aftermarket services functions. Quality of services shapes the most of customer experience. Marketing functions invest a lot in capturing customer experience from various sources including a lot of inaccurate digital assets and aggregated samples that are only indicative and often misconstrued. Expensive decisions are made based on such insights.

The real customer pulse comes more out of real interactions and real touch points. The most number of such authentic touch points come from the services cycle where the engineers who play the role of trusted advisors to customers are solving customer problems and communicating with them in the right context.

ODOCON Serve starts capturing customer convenience right from the point of sale. As a first, the mobile app of Serve helps customers guide through the pre-requisites for an electronics item to be installed and shares an e-warranty certificate capturing details like expiry data for further processes.

The customer is guided through sections of the User App and authenticated using pictures and videos that are attached with the customer request for an installation schedule. For service, repair or replace requests they can communicate product issues using the same picture and videos tool. This feature helps save a lot of cost incurred due to wastage of a service engineer's time which is a precious resource given that the demand of engineers outgrows supply significantly at any time and any part of the globe.

Such hundreds of thousands of requests gathered in a day or in specific intervals of hours as set by the company are mapped with supply resources to come up with plans of activities optimized in all possible ways. Over a period of time this layer keeps getting mature as it processes more and more data.

The plan of action is then communicated to respective service engineers whether they are under direct payroll or under a partner payroll. Based on the corporate policies these requests can either be accepted or rejected by the engineers. On rejection they are redirected back to the automated allocation engine for reallocation. In case of requests not being able to be allocated within a corporate stipulated timeline they report as types of alerts based on the emergency level to relevant authorities.

Acceptance of a request initiates the most critical part of the service cycle with an automated confirmation going out to the customers. Customers are now expecting a trusted advisor who will reach at the promised time or at least communicate if stuck in an unknown or out of control event, communicate humbly while hearing through the challenges and suggesting solutions and take care of them in the best way possible.

ODOCON Serve is the friendly well behaved robot working, sleeves rolled up, with Service Engineer on one hand and customer on the other to help achieve all end objectives.

After sending out the confirmation to a customer, Serve starts tracking the geo location of the Engineer from a particular instant as defined by the corporate and send out vicinity alerts to the customer. This helps the customer to get prepared or reach the site before the engineer arrives. In case of the customer not being able to make it at the scheduled time they get an option to reschedule or cancel the appointment. Rescheduling sends it back to the core engine for reallocation.

Let's say everything went well and the service engineer hits the site as stipulated and starts doing his job. There can be several different types of situations. Rescheduling is an option that can be used till before successful completion of tasks.

Considering an engineer is relatively new at his job or new with a machine, he might need support from either central management hubs or fellow engineers with adequate experience. ODOCON enables a platform for real time support besides the internal text or video based knowledge base.

Servicing electronics can lead to replacement or repair of the machine. Depending on the status of warranty pulled from customer data, if it leads to replacement then a real time request with attached documents and pictures are shared with relevant authorities back in corporate in real time. In case of repair,the engineer can raise a request for spares subjected to availability from a live inventory with any warehouse in the ecosystem. Real time inventory demand and movement will help you improve on global supply chain management and planning for manufacturing or assembling.

Completion of services presents a great opportunity for customer engagement. The Service Engineer can identify several needs, for example product accessories like a table-top mat for a refrigerator or a bucket holder of clothes for a washing machine while talking to the customer. Using the ODOCON web based backend platform updated by either corporate or partners the service engineer app can sync in real time for information on live inventory. The same app can be used to raise requests shooting either a notification to the customer through the customer app or sending a text message with an URL for confirmation and payment towards the requested accessories.

ODOCON integrates with your core process management systems to send data and retrieve formal communication like invoices to share them with relevant parties all in real time.

Configuring ODOCON starts with Masters Management. All kinds of data, people and assets are captured along with all their attributes. The core processes of the mobility platform are then connected to each of these components. All assets and people are geocoded for real time visibility and control. This forms the second layer of the system.

The third layer captures interactions between the components as defined in policies and business rules. For example approval workflows are configured with mobility processes like scheduling and tracking all connected to the people and asset components. Notification and Alerts are implemented keeping compliance goals in mind.

Finally the Management needs a complete rear view mirror to drive the corporate system efficiently. ODOCON presents the opportunity of speeding up Management views to almost real time. The system offers a platform for Real Time Actions. Dynamic rerouting is a possibility the system can help organizations achieve. For example, when a customer reschedules five hours before a scheduled task the precious time of the service engineer can be utilized with a real time reallocation and reassignment.

Core Features

Real Time Schedule Management

Schedule requests from customers

  • Re-scheduling by customers
  • Vicinity alerts to customers
  • Pre-requisites for customers
  • Customer and Service History saved and reused for future service requests
  • Shared and Saved Warranty certificates data used for real time billing
  • Share invoices with customers through App
  • Feedback and customer experience management

ODOCON Serve offers your customers the convenience of scheduling or rescheduling a service request through a mobile app. The rescheduling option helps companies save a lot of cost from events like customer no shows. The Master Scheduler on App helps customers better manage their requests to multiple providers to avoid any possible clash and reminds them of the respective ones in due time. For a confirmed schedule the App helps them with vicinity alerts of the assigned Service Representative to ensure that they are ready with their pre-requisites.

The schedule requests from customers go directly to the central hub of Automated Task Management which is used by Aftermarket Service Organizations to manage and optimize their services infrastructure, planning and investments. However in such events where a mix of requests come from multiple systems like a CRM, excel spreadsheets and ODOCON Serve they can all be standardized and streamlined for Automated Task Management to work independently, irrespective of the number of sources.

The App saves historical data of customers and services that help guide the future optimization and use of resources, real time communication and quality of customer experience.

Real Time Automated Task Management

  • Optimized Task Allocation Management
  • Store and Manage parameters like supply of resources from
    people to assets, local holidays and many more such
    conditions used in optimizing allocation

The resources that meet customer requests are managed in the Automated Task Management by service organizations. Typically these resources comprise of Service Representative details like geo-location, skills, knowledge and experience, local holidays and availability, real time services like traffic conditions and trends, types of assets like a vehicle or tool set etc. However ODOCON Serve offers the flexibility of adding more such parameters specific to a particular company.

Advanced algorithms and deep machine learning are used to map schedule requests coming from customers with resources mentioned above in such a way that ensures minimal cost, fastest and predictable turnaround time to customers and most effective services that shape the real customer experience.

The key objectives of this feature are to optimize services infrastructure, plan and cost while delivering on most effective customer services in the fastest turnaround time.

The Machine learning (also called Artificial Intelligence) helps read various patterns over a period of time and reduces the time to process allocation. This is a web based system used at central hubs of corporate or regional offices.

Real Time Automated Task Assignment

  • Task assignment to Service Representatives
  • Task reassignment to other Service Representatives in
    case of unattended or rejected tasks
  • Daily attendance management of Service Representatives
  • Geo code based route assistance to Service Representatives

Each Service Representative is now connected Real Time with service management hubs of companies at all levels like regional, national and global, with an App installed in their smart phones. Based on regional regulations this feature can be either kept on for 24 hours a day or controlled from remote location administrators. For example it can either be configured to work for designated work hours.

Using this feature companies assign tasks to Service Representatives based on availability and get notified of their approval or rejection subjected to policies supporting such action, all in real time.

On rejection the same task can be reassigned to another engineer based on business rules.

On acceptance this feature helps the representative reach the site conveniently using geo-code based accurate maps and recommended routes.

Real Time Tracking and Compliance

  • Geo location based tracking by central service management hubs
  • Task progress tracking by central service management hubs
  • Remote assistance to Service Representatives
  • Compliance for several measures set by Management
  • Change management in case of service disruption
  • Vicinity alerts to customers

With the app used by Service Representatives the corporate or a partner organization keeps a real time track of an engineer's geo location. This feature, besides other tools, helps Managers with an idea of task progress through any point of a work day.

This feature also collaborates with the customer app to offer vicinity alerts that helps customers to be ready with pre-requisites at the site.

Several compliance measures like communication to customers, Service Representative Performance metrics, early alerts for expected service hazards and many more can be configured and managed using this feature. It also helps a central service management hub to know more about engineer movement real time in order to guide if required.

Real Time Billing and Spend Management

  • Bill estimate data communication to customers
  • Billing or Invoicing information
  • Utilization and cost data of resources for Spend Management

This feature helps with real time billing or estimate data communication to customers based on requests and acquires approvals. It also accepts payments to make transactions cashless.

The back end application stores all standardized definitions of tasks and integrates with other source systems for corresponding costs. Mapped with customer information e.g. whether a customer is covered by warranty or not the business rules layer applies such information to come up with an estimate of price communicated directly to customers through the app.

It reports on utilization of resources drilled down to granular levels as defined in the system. This plays a critical input to improved accuracy and speed of spend management systems reporting on Real Time Spend.

Real Time Communication Management

  • Documents exchange for approvals and authentication between
    Customers, Service Representatives and Service Management Hubs
  • Pictures and Videos for approvals, authentication and knowledge
  • Real Time knowledge support to Service Representatives

Documents that need to be exchanged for several processes across the life cycle of services including approval workflows are uploaded and shared with relevant stake holders using this platform. It also supports pictures and video based communication for authentication, training and support.

This platform enables any real time communication needed between onsite Service Representatives looking for support and central service management hubs thus improving productivity, quality of service and customer experience.

Real Time Live Inventory Management

  • Inventory data upload or integrated with other source systems
  • Automated inventory updates driven by ODOCON transactions

Inventories either from an ERP or spreadsheets or using direct upload
or update can be converted into a real time live inventory using ODOCON
Serve. It thus helps with a real time view of live inventory to all relevant stakeholders who can raise a request and updates with movements of inventory by items and quantities as and when they happen.


  • Approval Workflow Management
  • Business Rules Management
  • Real Time Notifications and Alerts Management
  • Masters Management for People, Assets and Data Governance is driven by
    Approvals and Workflows, Business Rules,
    Notifications and Alerts and Masters Management.

Business Intelligence

ODOCON comes with a highly configurable layer of Business
Intelligence. It can support any view needed out of any data
captured through the entire life cycle. The system tries to maintain
a significant level of granularity at data level to ensure diversity in
Management reporting. The speed of data reported back to the
system while a process is executed or just completed helps derive
Real Time Rear View Business Intelligence.

Such reporting data supports any form of trends analysis and predictive modeling.